About Me

Life is not always easy but we can learn from adversity if we allow it to help us grow. I am testament to this, experiencing lots of up’s and down’s in my own life. I was a professional Rugby player in France, playing at an elite level and thought nothing of pushing my body to extremes despite being in intense discomfort a lot of the time. 

Eventually I had to stop playing due to a major injury. Not only was my body in pain but I saw how my mental health was effected too. I could not compete at the level I was used to and I was forced to look at alternative ways to heal myself physically, mentally and spiritually.


Since my youth I have been interested in alternative therapies but it wasn’t until I hit a low that I decided to explore alternative ways to wellness. By making some adjustments in my life, I was able to recover in both mind and body and feel great.

On this journey I became interested in energy treatments, opening my mind further to new techniques to help me heal. I was lucky enough to meet some incredible people along the way who inspired me to take the leap into training to become an energy therapist.


During this time of exploration, I met Yoga; or Yoga met me you could say - I found the practice at the right time and it certainly changed my life forever. Through daily practice, Yoga encouraged me to go deeper within my body and my mind. Yoga taught the importance of breathing and meditation, and enhanced my focus, discipline and sense of grounding; all things that were missing from my life.

After several years of practice, I decided to train to be a Yoga instructor in Rishikesh, India.


Through Yoga and energy therapy, I turned my mind and body around. And thanks to my training, I am pleased that I can now share these life changing practices with others.


The holistic therapies I offer at Energy For Life seek to enhance your potential as I believe we can only heal by focussing on the mind, the body, the emotion and the spirit - the whole.

Yoga & Care




We cannot separate a person from their mind, body, emotion or spirit, so why should we approach our physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing in silos? Everything is connected so therefore we must consider the whole on our path to wellness.